马航首席执行员彼得贝鲁Peter Bellew将离职,两年内第二次换帅。

(吉隆坡17日讯) 马航执行长彼得贝鲁(Peter Bellew)在去年7月上任,任职才一年多后,如今竟然即将离职。 爱尔兰航空公司瑞安航空(Ryanair)日前发出公告,马航现任总执行长彼得贝鲁,将回巢担任总营运长,任命从12月1日起生效。

We won’t be footing bill for 16 new Boeings. Said by Malaysia Airlines CEO

Peter Bellew says global lessors and lenders will finance the purchase of the aircraft and then lease the planes to Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) declares that MAS will not finance and own the 16 new Boeing aircraft it is buying. Instead, The Malaysian Reserve reported, it would sign leasing arrangements with global lessors […]